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Loan Pras
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: interviews filmmaker Loan Pras, creator of the fan film Stargate Pegasus.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. Please tell us a little about yourself."

Pras: "Hi! My name is Loan Pras AKA Lieutenant Lee Shanks in STARGATE PEGASU. I'm working on special effects on the series but on the scenario too."

MilSciFi: "What inspired you to make this film?"

Pras: "We were principally inspired by the series STARGATE ATLANTIS because our story takes place in the Pegasus galaxy (as the title can make guess) but we also were inspired by SG1 and SGU. Indeed we want to bring back the exploration as a main action in the series and we want to have more than one forest so we will discover some original planets like we do in SGU."

MilSciFi: "Do you have plans to make other film?"

Pras: "Yes, an entire season is planned so far concerning SGP, and we will probably work on some different projects (SG or not, sci-fi or not.)"

MilSciFi: "Since the film is in French, do you plan to either dub, or subtitle it into other languages, namely English?"

Pras: "By now we know for sure that we'll have English subtitles."

MilSciFi: "Please tell us about your production crew, and what jobs they performed."

Pras: "If I'm not wrong, actually we are 3 on the production crew, GwenaŽl Caravaca, Jean-Christophe Laborde and I. We all work one the global story of SGP but we work individually on the episodes. About the post-Prod, GwenaŽl work on editing the sequences, JC on all about the 3D work, and I on the VFX, but we can help each other when needed."

MilSciFi: "Is it hard to find "toy" or "mockup weapons" in the European Union?"

Pras: "No, actually we use Airsoft guns and we all have ours and some extra for people who don't have and who need as they play on figuration."

MilSciFi: "Have you spent much time in the United States?"

Pras: "Unfortunately not yet but I hope in the future!"

MilSciFi: "Thank you, for your time."

Loan Pras' website is:


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