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Teel James Glenn

Teel James


Title: Across The Wasteland
The Exceptionals
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Adventure

Type: Novel
Page Count: 310
Size:  6x9 inches
Cover: Color, Digital
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: Whisky Creek Press

ISBN 10: 1603134514
ISBN 13:
Other Books In Series:
    The Measure of a Man
    On The Good Ship Caligula

Teel James Glenn's Across The Wasteland

Interview with Teel James Glenn on Across The Wasteland Reviewer, "William Kriegherren"

Reviewed for by William Kriegherren

In this near-future adventure, we find The Exceptionals (government sponsored, bio-enhanced bounty hunters) Lastshot and Skorpion stranded in the hellish nuclear-wasteland which was once Chechnya--now populated by criminals, monsters, and cannibalistic natives--onboard their downed shuttlecraft is a group of "innocents," and the prisoner Rokk, a rogue Exceptional. Now the name of the game is survival.

Having grown up reading the likes of Mack Bolan, I found the author's descriptions of both his characters and graphic combat scenes to be compelling and extremely visceral in nature. I always love such narratives as "…the body hit the floor with a sound like a wet towel smacking against a countertop." This was in turn mated with expertly choreographed fight scenes and some of the most accurate weapons play I've seen in a long time.

The modern and sci-fi tech is there, but is general used to enhance the moment, rather than just being the moment. Yes there are some bits that play up the tech, such as someone crushing an opponent with their exoskeletons; and a character that had lost her limbs and now has see-through bionics, but in the context of the scenes it works, and in many ways adds to the fun.

Overall I enjoyed both the story and the writing style. If you’re a fan of the gritty action-adventure genre, then this is definitely the one for you. I give it a four out of five.

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