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Patrick Todoroff

Patrick Todoroff


Title: Running Black
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Corporate

Type: Novel
Page Count: 262
Size:  6 x 9 inches
Cover: Color, Art
Illustrations: n/a

ISBN-10: 0578070715
Series: Eshu International

Running Black by Patrick Todoroff

Interview with Patrick Todoroff, Running Blcak Reviewer, "William Kriegherren"

Reviewed for by William Kriegherren

Corporate espionage and high-tech mercenary warfare is the name of this game; set in the near-future (2059AD), we are introduced to Eshu International, a team of "black ops" mercenaries lead by Tam Song, who follow the ago old tradition of "if the price is right."

In this case, they are hired to steal a prototype of the new "viable" nanotech neural network, the long sought after breakthrough in man/machines interface, and as an added time constraint, this billion-dollar system is set to be unveiled in just a few days.

Todoroff's world-building and sci-fi tech are well done and fell into the "give them just enough," school of writing, which in this age of "look how smart I am" data-dumps is always refreshing to see, and helps greatly to keep the action moving along. Combine this with the author's smooth writing style (more of a narrative rather than a formal construction), made for a very enjoyable read.

The characters of the clones are an interesting mixture of childlike curiosity crossed with the lethality and professionalism of a hardened solider; each clearly defined by personality and motivation, leading to underlying religious aspects to the story, namely do clones have a soul, and if so what are the ramifications of using them as warriors? This exploration of the human condition raises this story from just another high-tech sci fi, to something thought-provoking about the very real world rights of artificial life.

In conclusion, Todoroff's Running Black is a well written, compelling, and thought-provoking addition to the universe of corporate science fiction; I look forward to the sequel. I give it a four out of five.


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