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Author Mike Resnick
Mike Resnick

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Title: Starship: Pirates
Series Order:
Book 1
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Military

Type: Novel
Page Count: 286
Size:  6.4x 9.2 inch, Hardcover
Cover: Color, art
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: Pyr
ISBN-10: 1591023378
ISBN-13: 978-1591023371
First Edition: 12-05-2005

Other Books in the Series:
    (Bk 2) Starship: Pirates
    (Bk 3) Starship: Mercenary
    (Bk 4) Starship: Rebel
    (Bk 5) Starship: Flagship

Mike Resnick's, Starship: Mutiny Reviewer, "Robert E. Nealis"

Reviewed for by,
"Robert E. Nealis"

Multi-volume, Universe-spanning adventures are a cornerstone of Military Science Fiction, and Mike Resnick is writing a doozy of a series. To keep this simple, I'll answer the top four questions and then you can go buy the books and get started.

Who? Youíll find all the stock players you could ask for, properly fleshed out and not caricatured: Troubled hero on the outs with the authorities? Check. Supportive alien best friend? Check. Undersized Starship with moxie and not much else? Check.

Where? Since its Mike Resnick, you drop them in to the Birthright Universe. No need to break in a new universe when you have a serviceable and popular one with plenty of room to grow.

When?  This is MilSciFI.  Itís the future.

Finally, What? What does Resnick do with all these elements? A) Fight an entrenched and inflexible military bureaucracy? B) Combat pirates on the far edges of space?  C) Protect the innocent as guns for hire? D) Strive as the ultimate underdogs against a galaxy-spanning empire? Resnicks answer to this is what makes the series worth reading. He chooses D) all of the above.  By using a different stock plot for each of the volumes, Resnick is able to keep the series fresh and fast, paced.

The only question left to ask to ask is "When does the next one come out?"


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