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Author Mark H. Phillips
Mark H. Phillips

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Title: The Resqueth Revolution
Science Fiction
Sub-genre(s): Military/Supernatural

Type: Novel
Page Count: 335
Size:  6x 9 inches
Cover: Color, art
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 978-1-4401-0953-9
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Mark H. Phillips' The Resqueth Revolution

Interview with Mark H. Phillips on The Resqueth Revolution Reviewer, "William Kriegherren"

Reviewed for,
by William Kriegherren

We follow Dr. Steven Marks -- Steve -- through his indoctrination into a group of paranormal investigators, where he meets Kyla -- a mysterious young lady with strange eyes -- a fierce warrior who has somehow been touched by the supernatural. They suddenly become the focal point in the government's efforts to deal with the Cause -- and the ago-old conspiracy controlled by other worldly creatures whose members are rooted into the very fabric of world power.

The events come to a climax, as the team takes part in preparations to launch a saucer-borne assault force, through the Chronos portal, into the very gates of the Hell.

The author's writing style is both highly detailed and very term-specific; his handling of paranormal events was well executed -- although a bit gory at times -- but done with the same attention to detail as found throughout this work. I found his merging of historical events -- and speculation -- to his creation of the Demon Dimension and the Crystals, to be quite clever and helped put things into perspective.

I'm very impressed with the author's understanding of technology, but I sometimes became a bit bogged down in the needed scene setup "data-pumps", to explain all the hardware and theorem behind it; nevertheless, I found it technologically fulfilling, and quite thought-provoking.

Overall I would consider this work to be a modern day paranormal thriller with plenty of high-tech action, framed against a background of government conspiracies, and supernatural horror; and as such, falls into the "civilian scientist working with the government" category of military science fiction.

The Resqueth Revolution is high-definition, paranormal sci-fi, that any techno-geek would love.

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