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Author Linda Nagata
Linda Nagata

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The Trials (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata

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Title: The Trails
Linda Nagata
Series: The Red Trilogy, (book 2)
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Military

Type: Novel
Page Count: 480
Size:  n/a
Cover: Color, Digital
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: Saga Press
ISBN-10: 1481440950
ISBN-13: 978-1481440950
Other Books In Series:
The Red: First Light
    Going Dark reviewer: Eric Hardenbrook's Bio

06JAN2016 (28DEC2015)
Reviewed for by:
Author/Artist Eric Hardenbrook

Review Philosophy

Review: I looked at this book with trepidation. I had a fear that the story was going to slide into  the land of courtroom drama. It did, but only for about a third of the book. I should have listened to my own review of Ms. Nagata's previous book. She tells a compelling story.

The story of Lt. Shelley continues in this book. There are repercussions for his actions in the first book and all of that is reviewed early on. There was a lot of real world knowledge going into the court room portion of the story. I'm glad it didn't go on longer than it did. This was an important piece of the story but I don't believe it would have sustained an entire book.

After the political maneuvers are settled there is a brief glimpse of civilian life. Shelly shows characteristics of PTSD and it is not something treated lightly. Of course paranoia doesn't mean you're wrong either. The action ramps up again quickly.

Solid action, good characters and a really well thought out continuation of the world the author created.

Once again worth the read. Fans of military science fiction
will really enjoy this one.

Star Total:  4 out of 5 stars



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