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Author Linda Nagata
Linda Nagata

The Trials (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata Review of The Trails (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata

Going Dark (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata Review of Going Dark (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata




The Red: First Light (The Red Trilogy) by Linda Nagata

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Title: The Red: First Light
Linda Nagata
Series: The Red Trilogy, (book 1)
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Military

Type: Novel
Page Count: 432
Size:  n/a
Cover: Color, Digital
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: Saga Press
ISBN-10: 1481440934
ISBN-13: 978-1481440936
Other Books In Series:
The Trials
    Going Dark reviewer: Eric Hardenbrook's Bio

06JAN2016 (11DEC2015)
Reviewed for by:
Author/Artist Eric Hardenbrook

Review Philosophy

Review: This was a really well done book. I had actually read one of her other works Limit of Vision and really enjoyed that as well. She is now on the list of authors whose work I will check out every time. She tells a compelling story.

The story of Lt. Shelley dragged me through this book in about a day. It's a fast read with believable characters. I could see and feel the near future setting. The story has a number of interesting things worthy of conversation sometimes right up front, sometimes just lurking in the background. I could relate to the hero of the story.

Relating to the hero and having a good conversation is really what I want to recommend about this book. It's got such a solid world and fast paced action where the danger is real that I just sort of absorbed that and really wanted to dig into motivations of the players. It is particularly relevant right now given our political atmosphere.

I have no idea if this is an acceptable thing or not but I want to contrast this book with Control Point by Myke Cole. Both of these authors are looking at the lives of soldiers and the changing nature of what warfare is going to mean. They handle it in different ways and their protagonists work things out differently but they are both tackling difficult real world issues by way of their fiction.

Absolutely worth the read. Go and get this book.
Star Total:  4 out of 5 stars



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