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Neill Blomkamp's, District 9


Title: District 9
Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Corporate
Media: Movie

Neill Blomkamp
Written By: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell
Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope,
    David James, Mandia Gaduka,
    Vanessa Haywood

Produced By:
Peter Jackson
Production Company: Wingnut Films

111 minutes
Rating:  "R" for bloody violence and
    pervasive language.
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Website: Reviewer, "Kriegherren"

Reviewed for by,
"William Kriegherren"

As my companion commented as the final credits rolled, "This movie was too well done." Largely filmed in fly-on-the-wall documentary style--complete with bouncy shoulder cam shots that did my stomach no favors--intermixed with realistic news reports and frantic action, the main character and his evolution from reprehensible company man to tragic hero was well captured over the length of the film.

The sad part of this movie (just like in life), is that there are no true heroes in the mix, everyone seems to be operating for there own self interest, with the usual corporate greed running the show in the guise of protecting the greater good.

Setting the movie in South Africa added to the alien nature of the story. In some ways, I wonder if the movie had an underlying social comment, in that the way we treated the aliens wasn't any different than the way we treat each other.

The visual effects were high-definition realistic, and overall the aliens worked well, but the effects come into their own in the climatic combat sequence. I have never see such accurate carnage before--although I could have done without the splatter shots, where biological matter hitting the camera len to make you feel a little too much like your there in the action. The application of cause-to-effect for the alien weapons was impressive and completely believable, and for this reviewer, the highlight of the movie.

District 9 is a visually impressive and socially thought-provoking science fiction, than I'm sure will become a footnote in a much greater career.

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