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Baen's Years Best Military Sci Fi and Space Opera 2015

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Title: The Year's Best Military SF & Space Opera
David Afsharirad

Science Fiction
Sub-genre: Military & Space Opera

Type: Reprint Anthology
Page Count: 368
Size: Trade Paperback
Cover Artist: Sam Kennedy
Illustrations: n/a

Publisher: Baen
ISBN: 978-1-4767-8058-0

 reviewer: Eric Hardenbrook's Bio

Reviewed for by:
Author/Artist Eric Hardenbrook

Review Philosophy

Review: The case with many collections of short stories there are some that work, some that amaze and some that disappoint. This collection really didn't have any in that last category I was not disappointed. I particularly enjoyed the first story by Linda Nagata. Very well done, easy to believe as the near future of warfare and gave a real connection to the characters in a very short time. She had another about halfway through that was just as good. I was a bit surprised to find two stories from the same author in a collection like this, but her work is that good. David Levine's The end of the Silk Road had a very old school, pulpy feel to it. Soft Casualty by Michael Z. Williamson was deeply creepy to me. The whole collection wraps up with a really strong strong story that is not for the feint of heart War Dog. I'm very glad I got to read these stories. This book is worth picking up

The most interesting part? There's more.

The publisher is letting readers vote for the best of the year. Buy the book, get a code, go to the web site and tell them what you thought the best story was. I hope this is a successful thing they're trying out. I'd love for the voting to become an annual contest we can depend on.

Go. Read. Vote. I look forward to hearing what others think!

Star Total: 4 out of 5 stars



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