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Benjamin Patton


Title: Growing Up Patton:
    Reflections on Heroes, History,
    and Family Wisdom
Sub-cat: Military History

Page Count: 368
9.1x6.1x1.3 inches
Cover: Color photographs
Illustrations: B/W photographs

Publisher: Berkley Hardcover
ISBN 10: 0425243516
ISBN 13: 978-0425243510
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Benjamin Patton's, Growing Up Patton


Reviewer, Mike McPhail

Reviewed for by Mike McPhail

Documentary filmmaker Benjamin Patton, grandson of famed WWII general George S. Patton Jr.
(he was actually the thrid George Smith Patton), and son of George Patton IV--a decorated veteran of both Korea and Vietnam--explores the lives of these men through interviews and wartime correspondence spanning some of the most pivotal moments in history.

The impetus for this book was the loss of Patton IV's journals and scrapbooks in a house fire. His son, Benjamin, set out to reclaim as many of these memories as possible through a series of audio interviews and letters, in the hope that they could be used as the basis for his father's autobiography (unfortunately never written).

The narrative framing the correspondences was both insightful, as well as providing a very personal view of the related content. There were times when it was less of a documentary, and more of just someone sitting down and talking to you fondly about a family member.

The thing that stood out most in my mind was the dedication the generals had from their fighting men, not due to Army traditions and regulations, but because "it was the right thing to do"; that even in the grips of dementia from Parkinson's, Patton IV's last thoughts were of the men he had not only commanded, but led into combat so long ago.

In this day and age when America seems on the edge of political civil war, it gives me hope knowing that such men once helped protect this nation in its time of need, and that those who follow in their footsteps will do so again. I highly recommend this book. specializes in the sub-genre of military SF; but let us never forget that in its truest form, it is less about the high-tech toys and alien landscapes, then it is about the human costs of dealing with the horrors of war, and the fight for survival. In our opinion, it is a good thing to learn from the facts of history, before moving off into the realms of fiction.



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