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     A few years ago a Starfist fan and aspiring scriptwriter by the name of Eric Bean came to Dan and me with a request: Was it all right with us if he wrote a Starfist movie script?

     We said "Yes," and told him what he'd have to do to get the necessary permissions (the publisher controls the "subsidiary rights" to the books).

     When he started, Eric knew little about how to write a screenplay, and nothing about how to go about getting a script turned into a movie.

     Eric learned what he needed to know, and began developing the contacts he needs to bring the project to completion. Along the way he added a more experienced scriptwriter, Oliver Eylerts. Together, they've produced a final script. A Hollywood agent is currently shopping it around to production companies. Eric and Oliver are also working on a proposal for a TV series based on Starfist.

     Right now, as an aid to the marketing of the script, Eric and Oliver want to make a short film, a "prequil" if you will, to First To Fight. Please take a look here to learn more about it.

     Eric has other projects going, including a micro-budget movie which was recently cast. You can find out more about him and his group here.

David Sherman


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