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S. A. Bolich

S. A. Bolich
 "Falling For Eternity"

: interviews author S. A. Bolich, contributor to the anthology No Man's Land,
book four in the Defending The Future series.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. Please tell us about your story. What was the inspiration for it?"

Bolich: "My writers workshop runs a Short Story in a Week challenge twice a year. This came out of the fourth week challenge in March 2009. The SSIAW requires that you use 5 words submitted by the members in your story. "Incommunicado" was one of the words that week. 'Falling to Eternity' fell out of that single, really interesting, word, pretty much instantly, as I recall."

MilSciFi: "Is it a part of a larger universe?"

Bolich: "No. I haven't written any other stories with this background."

MilSciFi: "Any plans to continue with this storyline?"

Bolich: "Not at the moment."

MilSciFi: "Each story is accompanied by a unique icon, can you tell us something about the relevance behind your own?"

Bolich: "The story is about the struggle for how Earth will be governed, with freedom a central theme, thus the torch of liberty superimposed over Earth in the background, with a Patriot Force destroyer in the foreground."

MilSciFi: "How did you become involved with the No Manís Land project?"

Bolich: "A friend forwarded me an invitation to submit to the anthology. 'Falling to Eternity' was the only military SF story I had in the drawer, and it just happened to have a female protaganist. I was lucky that the editors loved it and bought it the next day."

MilSciFi: "What were your thoughts about the fact that this was a collection featuring all-female authors?"

Bolich: "Right on! Women are often underrated as 'action' authors, or people assume that our view of military operations is going to be foofoo. Women in general are pretty tough, and our perspective may be different, but no less valid. An awful lot of women have fought and suffered and died for their respective countries the same as their countrymen. They should be honored for it, and I'm so glad Defending the Future dedicated a volume to them in this way."

MilSciFi: "What tips would you given an aspiring military science fiction author, female or otherwise?"

Bolich: "Don't get hung up on the hardware. its people that make it go bang."

MilSciFi: "Is military accuracy important to you, or can one simply 'fake' it?"

Bolich: "Being ex-Regular Army myself, the accuracy is really important. Not just the terminology, but the attitudes. I am so tired of movies and SF written by people who apparently have never worn a uniform or known military careerists personally, or even read a memoir by a real live "hero." They seem to take Hollywood stereotypes as a given. The science aspect in military SF is important, because you don't want your tech-savvy audience snickering, but neither do you want your military readers rolling their eyes because the characters aren't acting, speaking, or feeling like people who have actually been in the military."

MilSciFi: "Have you been involved with any similar projects?"

Bolich: "No. This was fun, and I hope I can do it again."

MilSciFi: "With your growing success as an author, do you plan to continue writing for the Defending the Future series?"

Bolich: "If I can think of a decent idea and they'll have me, sure."

MilSciFi: "Are there any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?"

Bolich: "My first novel, Firedancer, will be out in September 2011, and I have a 'werewolf in space' story coming out soon in Wolfsongs 2, an anthology dedicated to the lycanthrope-minded. Firedancer is a fantasy, but the protaganist is a woman who is on the front lines of a very personal battle against a very ancient and powerful enemy. If she quits or runs, a lot of people will get hurt. It very much draws on my belief in duty and honor and the gritty stick-to-it attitude that forms the backbone of any good military organization--and good heroic fantasy for that matter."

MilSciFi: "And what events do you have in the months ahead?"

Bolich: "I'll be at Miscon in Missoula, Montana over Memorial Day, then SpoCon in Spokane, Washington in August, and also Worldcon in Reno in August. After that, I'm not sure. I have the next novel in the Firedancer series to write!"

MilSciFi: "How can our readers find out more about your work?"

Bolich: "You can find links to my published and upcoming work at I also have a Facebook page (S. A. Bolich), and you can follow me on Twitter (suebthewriter). Don't ask about that Twitter handle..."

MilSciFi: "Thank you for your time."

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