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R.J. Leahy's The Obsidian Seed Review of The Obsidian Seed
R. J. Leahy's Tigra Reviews Tigra


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J. R. Leahy

The Obsidian Seed

04-30-2009: interviews J. R. Leahy, author of the  military science fiction novels Tigra and The Obsidian Seed.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. What was your inspiration for your story?"

RJ Leahy:  "The situation in the middle east.  The way in which religion has affected man's history and influenced every aspect of our culture, including our wars, has always fascinated me.  Both Tigra and its sequel, The Obsidian Seed, examine this in depth."

MilSciFi: "Do you have any future plans for stories set in the same universe?"

RJ Leahy:  "Yes, Tigra was conceived as a trilogy."

MilSciFi: "What other upcoming works are on the horizon for you?"

RJ Leahy:  "The third installment of the Tigra series."

MilSciFi: "How would you describe your experience working on the book?"

RJ Leahy:  "It's always a labor of love, but labor none-the-less."

MilSciFi: "What was your favorite part, the concept that just really gets you going?"

RJ Leahy:  "The idea that none of us are pure.  As one of my characters explains, "I'm not a monster, but in war you are often forced to do things you don't agree with, sometimes monstrous things."

MilSciFi: "Is this book a part of a series? Tell us a bit about it."

RJ Leahy:  "Tigra begins some four hundred years in the future.  Mankind, long divided into two political factions, the Union and the Coalition, has been fighting a bloody galactic civil war for a hundred years.  Jeena Garza, a soldier in the Union, crashes on the distant planet Ararat after escaping a hellish POW camp.  There in the deep desert of this almost-forgotten world, she discovers a feline-like creature and learns that he among all his kind is not a beast, but a sentient being, the only such creature ever discovered in over four centuries of exploration.  In order to protect him, she is forced to fight yet again, this time against a messianic leader bent on  world conquest.  The result of her decision affects not only the future of Ararat, but that of all mankind.   The Obsidian Seed takes place nine years later, with the return of the hated Coalition."

MilSciFi: "If you had a chance to write one story/novel just because you wanted to, and didn't have to worry about if it would sell or not, what would it be about?"

RJ Leahy:  "Oh gosh.  I suppose it would have to be the story of my great uncle, Willy.  Lost at sea during the first world war, he washed up on a Polynesian Island and lived with the natives for almost two years before he was rescued.  Through some snafu, the family wasn't notified and one day he simply showed up un-announced at the door.  Family legend says that for years afterward, he and his friends would have all night drunken parties at his headstone."

MilSciFi: "What is your favorite story/novel you have ever written and why?"

RJ Leahy:  "Long ago I wrote a play called The Song.  Very Minimalist.  The cast consisted entirely of two little girls in a garden, talking.  It isn't until the very end that the audience realizes it's really Lucifer and Michael, the Archangel.  It managed to offend almost everyone, but for some reason I'm still quite fond of it. :)"

MilSciFi: "What are you working on next?"

RJ Leahy:  "The third Tigra novel, and a young adult tale that's a mixture of Peter Pan and Harry Potter."

MilSciFi: "Do you have a lead on your next storyline? Care to share a hint?"

RJ Leahy:  "One of the main characters dies."

MilSciFi: "What advice would you give the aspiring military science fiction writer?"

RJ Leahy:  "Don't let the military or the science dominate the story.  In the end, the only stories we really care about, are those about people." 

MilSciFi: "Who is your single-most influence in science fiction and what impact have they had on our own work?"

RJ Leahy:  "I don't think there is only one.  I've been most influenced by the writers from the "golden age". i.e.., Asimov, Heinlein, and Silverberg to name just a few."

MilSciFi: "What is the one thing you find the most difficult about writing military science fiction?"

RJ Leahy:  "Trying to follow my own rule about not letting the technical stuff get in the way of the story."

MilSciFi: "Do you have any awards you would like to tell us about?"

RJ Leahy:  "Not yet:)  Although Tigra was nominated for a Dream Realm award."

MilSciFi: "Is military science fiction the only thing you write, or is there something else out there we should be looking for?

RJ Leahy:  "Right now, that's all I have published, but I am working on a young adult novel."

MilSciFi: "Do you find it difficult finding a home for your military science fiction work? What challenges do you face?"

RJ Leahy:  "Like all genre fiction, SF popularity is cyclical, but I've been fortunate that my publisher, Zumaya is very committed to quality fiction."

MilSciFi: "Do you have a website where our readers can go to fine more information about your work?"

RJ Leahy:  "I recommend your readers check out
, as well as Zumayabooks on Myspace."

MilSciFi: "Give us some details on your upcoming author appearances."

RJ Leahy:  "None planned at present, although I expect that to change before the end of the year."

MilSciFi: "Thank you."

Tigra and The Obsidian Seed are published by Zumaya Otherworlds:

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