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Laurie Gailunas

Laurie Gailunas
 In The Middle Of Nowhere

: interviews author Laurie Gailunas, contributor to the anthology, No Man's Land, book four in the Defending The Future series.

MilSciFi: "Tell us about your story. What was the inspiration for it?"

Gailunas: "As with most stories, it had multiple inspirations. One, there's been a great deal of discussion among my colleagues about violence vs pacifism, and if theres such thing as a 'just' war.  Another thread of inspiration was from my work as a nurse, including a short time working at a VA hospital, and the sometimes forgotten stories of the fine men and women who have served in the military. The final thread came from counseling I've done, both as a nurse and through my church, with those who have had violent encounters in their life. So many survivors of war and other violence struggle with whether they did right or wrong."

MilSciFi: "Is it a part of a larger universe?"

Gailunas: "Not yet. It would be terrific fun to expand on the premise of this story."

MilSciFi: "Any plans to continue with this storyline?"

Gailunas: "I'd love to!  I'm curious what adventures my character, Kit, will get into next."

MilSciFi: "Each story is accompanied by a unique icon, can you tell us something about the relevance behind your own?"

Gailunas: "Seeing as my main character, Kit, is a medic, it was important to have a visual cue that this story had some kind of medical connection. The symbols are inside a starburst design to show that this is not Earth-bound medicine. I love this icon!"

MilSciFi: "How did you become involved with the No Manís Land project?"

Gailunas: "My friend, Jeffrey Lyman, has a story in DTF III, By Other Means. He told me about DTF IV, lamenting that he was not eligible to submit a story to the next anthology. I jumped right on that lament and turned it to my advantage. I actually started this story for By Other Means, but had learned about it too late. But I kept going along the line of using non-conventional weapons because it was so much fun."

MilSciFi: "What were your thoughts about the fact that this was a collection featuring all-female authors?"

Gailunas: "It made me work extra hard to make sure I had a story the anthology could use!"

MilSciFi: "What tips would you given an aspiring military science fiction author, female or otherwise?"

Gailunas: "You have to respect the work our military personnel do. There are  times I might disagree with a war's objectives and strategy, but I truly admire the courage, dedication and sheer hard work of the men and women on the ground.

Another tip would be to find some aspect of the military experience that doesn't get written about as much. Medicine, engineering, chaplain services--these areas can have intense drama, but have far fewer stories than weapons and tactics stories."

MilSciFi: "Is military accuracy important to you, or can one simply 'fake' it?"

Gailunas: "It depends on what the author is trying to fake. A rule I use when writing SF is, 'Just make sure it's not impossible'. The premise or datum can be improbable, but it can't be impossible." There's a weapon I developed (made up) for this story, that is improbable because I have no idea how such a weapon might be powered. But I made sure the science behind what this weapon did to a body was accurate. It's based on my nursing experience with the horrific internal damage of electrical burns."

MilSciFi: "Have you been involved with any similar projects?"

Gailunas: "Not that's in print yet."

MilSciFi: "With your growing success as an author, do you plan to continue writing for the Defending the Future series?"

Gailunas: "I'd love to!  I've had a lot of fun and learned so much working with Danielle and Mike."

MilSciFi: "Are there any upcoming projects you would like to tell us about?"

Gailunas: "I'll have a story out this summer that's an alternate history of the space program. But that's all I can say about it right now."

MilSciFi: "And what events do you have in the months ahead?"

Gailunas: "Lots of writing."

MilSciFi: "How can our readers find out more about your work?"

Gailunas: "I'm working on setting up my own web site, but story writing keeps getting in the way. Currently I'm at  Come on by and say hi!"

MilSciFi: "Thank you for your time."

Gailunas: "You're welcome. Thanks for having me. Was I supposed to bring a hostess *gift?"


Webmaster  *This I believe was in regards to attending the Balticon Launch party for the books.

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