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Andy Remic

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2009-05-19: interviews ANDY REMIC, contributor to the military science fiction anthology, So It Begins, book two in the Defending the Future series.

MilSciFi: "Welcome back. Please tell us a little something about your story."

Remic: "The story JUNKED revolves a hardcore combat squad, Combat K, comprising Keenan, Pippa and Franco (the mad one) on a hectic action-filled mission. This is the premise:

Once believed extinct, the junks appeared on Galhari, a quiet fringe planet, with devastating suddenness … in a flood of millions. The planet was taken in hours, and from that foothold the junks began a galaxy-wide conquest which had, in all honesty, gone bad for Quad-Gal Military. Recently, a series of freak coincidences led to military intelligence uncovering a source of the junk's expertise: a psychic general, capable of reading minds across the Four Galaxies and uncovering QGM's secret plans. Named Zenab, the general was also rumoured to have invented a Nano-Bomb, a microscopic detonation device which could put QGM out of the game for good. Zenab was making it possible for the junks to extend their diseased and toxic empire, and had set up camp in his Nano-Bomb Factory on the planet of Ryzor. Now, it was Combat K's mission to take him out… before millions more died.

MilSciFi: "Is this part of a large series or universe?"

Remic: "Yes, there are three novels in the same universe and containing the same core characters; WAR MACHINE and BIOHELL are currently out, published by Solaris Books, and HARDCORE is out January 2010, again by Solaris."

MilSciFi: "What inspired you to write this story?"

Remic: "There are elements of Apocalypse Now in there; I was always a fan of the original Conrad text Heart of Darkness, and then the subsequent twisted movie concept, and I suppose I wanted to do my own 'journey up the river' high-octane black-comedy combat adventure."

MilSciFi: "Does science and technology play an important role in this story (or in your work in general), or is it secondary to the story telling and characterization?"

Remic: "Characterisation is always my core, and then I work outwards with story and technology last, although tech will still always be intrinsic to events. I think without good and original characterisation you have little chance of the reader empathising, and thus wanting to read."

MilSciFi: "Do you have plans to expand upon, or write other works based on this story?"

Remic: "The Combat K books are an ongoing series, so yes, there's every chance JUNKED will find its way into a full novel at some time. It's certainly a starting point, a springboard if you like, for larger galaxy-wide action to unfurl."

MilSciFi: "Most authors we encounter write novellas/novels, do you find it a challenge to write short stories?"

Remic: "No. I see short stories as scenes in a galaxy-wide tapestry made from drug-strands which can be sucked, for fun."

MilSciFi: "Since time is of the essence for getting a reader up to speed in a short story, do you have a strategy, or preferred method for doing this?"

Remic: "Kick off with action straight away. It works for me :)"

MilSciFi: "Do you have any other projects in the works?"

Remic: "As well as the Combat K novels, I'm contracted to write a fantasy trilogy for Harper Collins (the new Angry Robot imprint). It is based around the premise of traditional fantasy merged with clockwork vampire technology. The first book KELL'S LEGEND is out September 2009."

MilSciFi: "Do you have any upcoming author events?"

Remic: "Fantasycon, Nottingham, UK, September 2009, plus book signings across London, England, around the same time."

MilSciFi: "Thank you for joining us."

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