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Andy Remic, author of Kell's Legend

Andy Remic

 Clockwork Vampire Chronicles

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2010-02-08: interviews Andy Remic, author of the fast action fantasy novel, Kell's Legend, Book One of the Clockwork Vampire Chronicles.

MilSciFi: "Welcome. Please tell us about your new fantasy novel."

Remic: "Kell's Legend is a fast-paced heroic fantasy adventure story, about the beautiful and noble land of Falanor which is invaded by a race of creatures from beyond the Black Pike Mountains called the vachine – or more precisely, clockwork vampires. These are creatures of flesh and blood, but integrated with advanced watchmaking technology that forces them to imbibe blood-oil, specially refined from a human corpse. When their resources run low, the vachine send their albino Army of Iron over the mountains along with tall, bone-fingered creatures called Harvesters, in order to begin a new Harvest. As the north of the country falls in just a few days, so a retired old soldier, Kell, his granddaughter Nienna, and a foppish dandy, Saark, set off to warn the Battle King. But Nienna and Saark soon begin to learn this battered old soldier is far from the hero of his epic Legend…"

MilSciFi: "Do you have an overall plan for the series, or will it be basically one new adventure after another?"

Remic: "The Clockwork Vampire books are a planned trilogy, with Kell's Legend, Soul Stealers (out Spring 2010) and Vampire Warlords (out towards Q4 2010), which I'm just working on now. I have quite a few other fantasy novels in the pipeline as well, though ;-)."

MilSciFi: "What inspired you to create this universe?"

Remic: "To be honest, a big inspiration was the late great David Gemmell, and preceding that J. R. R. Tolkien, Moorcock, Feist, etc. However, I always loved Gemmell's really hard-edged heroic fantasy, and am writing in very much the same mould, but with a more "horror" and "action" angle, I suppose. The Clockwork Vampire Chronicles came about through a long-held desire to do something about vampires, but to add an original twist – hence the merging with fantastical and fantasy-based watchmaking technology."

MilSciFi: "How would you classify this work? Is it mythology meats steampunk, heroic fantasy, etc…"

Remic: "Definitely heroic fantasy, men with axes and swords battling horrific creatures of the night – with a touch of "fantasy technology" thrown in just to add that original sparkle and make it a little bit different."

MilSciFi: "What is a "Clockwork Vampire?"

Remic: "A thousand years ago, the main race of vampires nearly died out when their Warlords were imprisoned in the Chaos Halls. To survive, they had to integrate with advanced watchmaking technology. However, they could no longer rely on blood – this had to be refined into a narcotic, called blood-oil. True vachine cannot take pure blood, only the refined distillation. So, the clockwork vampires are really a deviation of the traditional vampire mythos. A sub-species, if you will."

MilSciFi: "Do you have any advice for someone wishing to write in this genre?"

Remic: "As always, you must be persistent, work hard, and try your best to come up with an original IP. Your writing must be neat and tight. As Steven King always says- "omit needless words"."

MilSciFi: "Do you have any other projects in the works?"

Remic: "I have so many projects it makes my head spin. After I've finished the Clockwork Vampire trilogy, I have ideas for another 6 books in that same universe, but following completely new story arcs; then I have three more Combat K books to write, plus some other ideas being talked about with different publishers. On top of that, I'm working on three film scripts and some short film ideas, because I'm an amateur film director and very much interested in telling stories visually. In fact, we've just finished a short film based on a scene from HARDCORE in order to promote the new book, where Franco Haggis (played by me… the horror, the horror) and Keenan (played by Paul Remic) and Pippa (played by Nicola Cross) are pitted against some dodgy nurse zombies. It was great fun to film, and is in post-production right now. This film is directed by my good friend, Colin Howarth. You can see more at and You can also see my short horror film, Chemical Man, at:"

MilSciFi: "Do you have any upcoming author events?"

Remic: "I'll be at World Horror Con in March 2010, and Odyssey/Eastercon, London, in April 2010. You will find me at the bar. I always accept beer and whiskey."

MilSciFi: "Thank you, for your time."

Andy Remic's website is:

KELL'S LEGEND, is published by Solaris Books:

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